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J​oin the everyday people achieving extraordinary results
through small group personal training

Personalised​, Quality Training That Leads To ​Real Results

We’ve been working with everyday people to achieve incredible results for over 10 years. We’ve helped countless members reach their goal weight, build muscle and reach personal achievements they never imagined to be possible.

Not forgetting on a regular basis, that amazing feeling they get each and every time they complete another session with us at SPPT, Crawley.

SPPT isn’t a ‘Regular’ ‘Commercial’ gym, SPPT is a place to work hard, have fun and spend time with people like YOU in a very special environment. If you’re looking to:

  • Move Better

  • Improve strength and fitness

  • Add muscle and reduce fat levels

  • Improve your quality of life

Then join SPPT and work with a small group of individuals on the same mission as you. Everyone in the group will have customised training programs to meet their individual needs, in an unbeatable group atmosphere.

Our training sessions include:

  • Mobility and stretching routines for a healthy body that moves well

  • Full body workouts designed around your own personal goals

  • Technique coaching to help you maximise results and perform the key moves safely and effectively.

  • Finishers that will work you hard and get those endorphins pumping around the body

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Everyone begins life at SPPT with a 30-day trial.  This gives us both an opportunity to see if it’s going to be a good fit in the long run. You’ll get to know the incredible coaching team with a 25+  years combined in the fitness industry, aswell as our incredible group of members at our top rated facility.

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What’s Included in the 30-day trial?


An initial assessment session to discuss the current  situation, set goals and perform some tests to  assess your movement, strength and flexibility. This  ensures we can tailor your plan specifically for you  from the beginning.

InBody 270 scan

An indepth full body analysis to assess where you are right now.  This state of the art technology is the most advanced and  accurate means of determining your current starting point and  your progress throughout your journey with us at SPPT.

12 x Small Group  Personal Training Sessions

Training in small groups with like minded people, in an environment that gives you all the benefit of training with a 1-1 Coach but the enjoyment and  motivation of working out alongside others! This is an individualised journey with an unbeatable group atmosphere.

Online Team  Training sessions

These are a mixture of cardio and recovery based training  sessions which are now held online to respect current government guidelines. Quick, motivating and fun sessions  based around improving your fitness. Just because we can’t train in larger groups doesn’t mean the fun has to stop. Our  motivating and engaging online community has sky-rocketed in  popularity and provides a flexible ‘on demand’ way of catching up with your favourite classes without having to leave the house.

Nutrition advice  and programming

Practical advice from our fully qualified nutrition team at SPPT, who understand your needs. We educate you to understand the principles of a better  diet and how these tie in with your goals. This is an ongoing and dynamic process which gives you the  benefit of our online resources as well as feedback and support from the nutrition team here at SPPT.

Coaching calls and  check-in service

We pride ourselves on an unbeatable standard of customer service. We provide dedicated time to book in with your coach each week to discuss your progress and work through solutions to your everyday problems.  These sessions can be booked in person or online and are very easy to book and use.

SPPT training log book

We want you to focus on the positives of getting  stronger and moving better. We encourage all of our members to track their sessions with one of our  SPPT training log books. You will be amazed at the long term progress you make when you look back through your log book!

Like Minded community

Like Minded community

In each of your small group private training sessions, you’ll be  with upto 3 others on the same journey as you. We attract a very different breed of gym goer to your average commercial gym stereotype and we are sure you will feel at home from the minute you join us. Our SPPT community is small, but mighty!  Enjoy the benefits of intense training, encouraged by great people!

Private Facility

Our gym is closed off to the public, only allowing our group coaching clients the ability to train, when guided by our coaches. In-line with the government  guidelines, our facility has designated workout  sections, sanitising stations, and individual weights to ensure you’re safe and comfortable.

Like Minded community

Top Quality Equipment

The gym is an investment into yourself, that’s why we’ve  invested in the best equipment to help you achieve your goals.  All kit in the SPPT gym has been purchased with the member in mind and to produce an experience which is forever improving.

The most advanced private GYM in west sussex

Perry farmers walk
  • SPPT is a 2,200 sq ft open plan facility with a focus on freeweights and conditioning kit.
  • In addition to this SPPT is the only Myzone registered gym in Crawley providing an interactive and unique fitness experience.
  • With toilets, changing facilities and even a smoothie bar we’ve got all the facilities you would expect from a premium facility.
  • SPPT is a 2,200 sq ft open plan facility with a focus on freeweights and conditioning kit.
  • In addition to this SPPT is the only Myzone registered gym in Crawley providing an interactive and unique fitness experience.
  • With toilets, changing facilities and even a smoothie bar we’ve got all the facilities you would expect from a premium facility.


Becca Clark, 32

Yann Stirton, 30

Sonal Nayee, 31

Frequently Asked Questions

We take pride in our already impeccable standard of cleanliness at SPPT, but the seriousness of the Coronavirus  situation deserves new levels of stringency. Our response is to instigate a strict plan of initiatives to protect and  reassure our members when we reopen the gym. For more details please visit: ​

When you sign up to the 30-Day trial, you’re simply paying for the 30-day trial. There’s no long-term commitment,  contracts or tie ins.

We offer this 30-Day trial as a great chance to see what we have in store at SPPT and how our team can help you  achieve your goals!

Once your trial has ended, we’ll have a sit down to discuss your experience, and what you’d like to do next.

Not to worry! If something comes up or you’re away for a few days, let us know, and we’ll happily extend the trial period  to make sure you get the most for it!

At SPPT we have a range of membership options available, to suit the needs of each individual. All packages include  personal training sessions, unlimited team training sessions, nutrition support and your very own Myzone belt + access!

As a specialist performance training facility, we’re able to adapt and modify your programme around your injuries and  individual needs. It will be 100% dependent on you as an individual, the situation, and any professional advice you may  have already received.

At SPPT we’ve truly created a unique personal training experience focussed on enjoyment, learning and results. We are  a private, independent gym which has created a fantastic community of like minded people wanting to work hard, get  into shape and have fun in the process!

We offer a premium service which is flexible and accessible. If you’re on the fence, we definitely encourage you to give  the trial a go, so you can feel the difference for yourself!

You can also view 100+ 5* reviews here.

Not at all. SPPT is inclusive, individual, and for a wide group of people. Yes, we have our fair share of super fit clients  that have been with us for years now, and we also have those that are BRAND NEW to exercise!

The way we coach and deliver our programmes means that regardless of your current ability, we will ensure your  sessions are pitched at the correct level for YOU.

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Final Words From Our Members Of The Month 2020


Many others talk about what  they’ve lost: weight, fat, lethargy,  etc. and I’m full of admiration for  so many of the great personal  achievements you see at SPPT.    However, I’d rather describe what  I’ve gained from my membership  and in particular it’s the best group  of mates you could ever wish to  work out with. I’m one of the  oldest members but have made so  many friends with people 1-4  decades younger than me, it really  is the most inclusive place.​    I drive 40 minutes each way, 3-4  times when I’m not working away,  that’s over 5 hours a week in the  car just to go to the gym – it’s that good.


Since joining SPPT, the most important  thing I’ve learnt is the biggest investment  you can make is in yourself. There’s a lot  that can be written about the value of a  membership at SPPT but words wouldn’t  do it any justice.

The team has got the balance with  everything spot on to achieve your goals  whatever they are. Physical and nutritional  knowledge, adaptability, attention to detail  and great smoothie making skills. Most of  all they have a personality, which is hard to  find in a normal gym. A shoutout has to go  out to the members who make the place.  From all walks of life everyone gets their  head down and drives each other on. The  MyZone belts merit hard work and effort –  not appearance or ability.

The benefits are more than just getting  into shape and fitter. I’ve found myself a  lot more determined and motivated at  work and in life generally. Despite never  being a morning person before, I now  enjoy being a regular on the 6am sessions.  Ultimately if you’re determined and have a  bit of motivation then the tools are there  for you to succeed.

For anyone bored of going to a regular  gym, waiting for equipment and not feeling  comfortable or knowing what to do, I’d  urge you to give the trial a go and get a  taste for SPPT yourself


SPPT provides no ordinary personal training program, they’re an exception to the fitness world. As soon as you walk through the doors you soon realise it’s like no other.

When you meet Sean and the team you see why as the depth of knowledge, attention to detail and family oriented approach makes you feel as if you’re a part of a community not just a number in a regular gym.

There are a magnitude of additional extras you get as part of your membership that includes interactive technology in terms of MyZone belts where you can track your progress, gain points and join the MyZone online community with the rest of the SPPT members. You can book regular 1-2-1 check ins, online sessions, bootcamps, you have access to nutritional guides and cook books and the list goes on!.. The support you get is truly inspiring.

Personally speaking, I joined the Better Body Project with the idea of staying for 6 months to get into better shape for my wedding but yet 2 and half years later I’m still here as a fully-fledged member of the 7am crew but more importantly I feel a part of the whole SPPT family.

What the coaches have taught me most apart from getting me into better physical shape is that attitude and mentality play a far bigger part than just how much you can push on a bench. Everyone’s fitness journey is unique and they push and guide you through every step of the way.

I urge anyone who is reading this and unsure whether to give SPPT a go, just do the trial, I promise you, you won’t regret it.



One of the reasons I love SPPT is their ability to constantly adapt  and provide an exceptional service. Not only was I given a home  workout survival kit, the varied online content from live classes,  weekly challenges up to and including weekly coffee catch ups  and quizzes has kept me motivated, interested and helped me  cope with isolation. The coaches are always on hand for advice  and support and i feel very lucky, as I’m sure all members do, to  be part of the SPPT family. All of this throughout their own  worries in these troubling times.

Also it goes without saying I’m honoured to be following in Ben  Sparkes footsteps



How many people can say they still got PT and group training  sessions throughout lockdown? (Without breaking the rules)  SPPT have done everything in their power to provide us with  training equipment in the form of a survival kit, training sessions,  cardio sessions, challenges and support adding in personalised  sessions on a new app. They have kept their members  motivated, moving and above all else happy at a time of great  uncertainty. The trainers have been in contact every week, put on  entertainment in the form of quiz nights, guest speakers, yoga,  cocktail making and even a bake off. They still found the time to  send out thank you’s to everyone too.

But the trainers are not the only great thing about SPPT, the  members encourage each other, cheer for each other and  challenge each other to make the gym more of a community  than somewhere to work out after a rubbish day. They bring you  up when you are down and these combined make SPPT more  than a gym.

If you are struggling with motivation, feeling uncomfortable or  hate waiting around for equipment in regular gyms, give the  SPPT trial a go, you won’t regret it.