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The Better Body Project Trainers

CIARAN PARKINSON Semi-private coach

Hi, my name is Ciaran and I have been working at SPPT since 2017 and have been coaching with The Better body project since it began in January 2018. The reason I love coaching is the enjoyment

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MATT BUTLER Semi-private coach

I’m Matt and I have been a coach at SPPT since 2015. Coaching is real passion of mine and I find it incredibly satisfying helping people learn, achieve, and progress well beyond their expectations. The simple fact

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GEORGE SEARL Semi-private coach

I’m George and I’ve been a coach since 2014 and have been at SPPT since 2015. Training and coaching are my major passions. So the fact that I get to share that with people and see them

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Hi! I’m Sean a coach and the owner of SPPT. I’ve been training people since 2010 and have clocked some serious hours of experience over the years! My passion remains as bright as ever as I simply

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