A 30-minute class focussing on those abs! Crunches, planks and tricky moves like hollow holds to challenge your core.
You will definitely ache the day after this one!

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F.I.T. – F**KED IN 30

Our signature H.I.I.T class. 30 minutes of fast and furious training designed to burn as many calories as possible in the shortest amount of time.

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45 minutes of team challenges in a motivating, friendly and hard working environment. Think tyre flips, battling ropes, farmers walks and bodyweight exercises for points!

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A very unique class using the TRX suspension training system. A full body blast using your bodyweight and TRX as your resistance. You are sure to learn loads of cool exercises that you never knew existed in this very popular class.

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What started as a bit of fun is now arguably our most popular class! 30 minutes of classic arms routines and crowd pleasers.

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  • Unlimited classes included in all better body project memberships.
  • Classes are all 30 minutes in duration except bootcamp which lasts 45 minutes.
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