The full-body workout is a training programme that is often overlooked, in favour of a plan or structure that sounds “fancier” or more “hardcore”.

Full body sessions are a fantastic training option whether you are a complete beginner, or an advanced athlete. The full-body workouts are how we structure our training sessions here at SPPT, and here are 6 reasons why you may want to consider making the change.

Spend less time in the gym

The full-body split typically requires far less of a time commitment than most training splits, and if you are someone that lives a busy life and you’re always on the go then it may be just the plan for you.

We don’t all have time to be in gym 4-6 days per week, and with a full body workout plan, you don’t need to be. Full body training plans can be performed over two or three days, allowing more time for you, and other parts of your life that are more important than the gym.

Fat-loss benefits

Typically with full-body workouts they will allow you to train at a higher intensity, helping you to burn those extra calories. Full-body workouts allow you to train harder by making the most of a rest day in between workouts, and preventing muscular fatigue.

Most full-body workouts have a large emphasis on large compound lifts, think squats, deadlifts, bench press and other push or pull exercises. Giving you the best bang for your buck by burning more calories, and utilising larger muscle groups.

Greater recovery

As I briefly mentioned the added rest days that come with a full-body workout plan can help prevent fatigue, and improve recovery in between workouts. The last thing most of us need is to be sore for days after training, which can often be the outcome when training 4-6 days per week on consecutive days.

The three day split of the full-body workout allows you to work hard and still get the recovery needed that so many gym goers don’t allow. Filling your recovery days with productive tasks like home mobility sessions or walking can help fill the void for people who feel they want to do something every day. If you’ve ever had an unplanned day or two off from the gym you will know the feeling of motivation and extra energy you have when you get back for your next workout. Now imagine having that feeling for every session! How much progress would you make and how much more would you begin to look forward to your training?

Increased chance of progression by training muscle groups more frequently

The full-body workout allows you to train muscle groups more frequently, providing you with a far better chance of seeing results, particularly in gaining lean body mass. Full body workouts will get you hitting each muscle group at least twice per week, without impairing your ability to recover between workouts.

Frequency is a key factor for progression, and if you can increase how often you hit each muscle group with then you will have a far greater chance of success than training each muscle group once per week. This is even more applicable if you live a busy life and want to maximise the time you spend training to get the best results possible.

Create a flexible training plan

Missing a workout will never be problem again with the full-body workout. If life gets too busy and you cant get to the gym after work, you will no longer have to make the choice to train arms of legs, or back or chest.

If you miss a workout don’t panic, just simply wait until the next opportunity you have to train and you will still be able to work your full body once again. Most full body programmes will have you training three times per week, so there’s normally flexibility if you miss a session you can plan it in on a later day that week without feeling like you’ve gone off track.

Add variety and reduce boredom

The full-body workout can help create a training plan full of variety, allowing you to stay interested and enjoy your training without becoming bored. If you are constantly repeating the same exercises time after time you will become bored very quickly, by training multiple body parts in each session the full-body plan can really help.

Due to the vast amount of ways you can set up a full-body workout, if you do get bored of an exercise it can be easily changed with minimal fuss, and you can maintain interest and motivation with your programme.

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