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We are Specialist Performance Personal Training (SPPT). A privately run, Personal Training gym in Crawley, West Sussex.

We believe in keeping things simple, training hard and having fun in the process!


Everyone begins their own journey at SPPT with our 30-Day Challenge. It’s a chance to test drive what we offer, meet the people and begin to learn more about your body and what you can achieve

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The coaching team at SPPT are all full time employed (we don’t hire freelancers). This means you work with the same coaches time and time again which builds a strong relationship where everyone is clear on your individual considerations and your specific goals. Our team’s learning and development is a top priority and when we aren’t on the gym floor coaching you will often see us in the office training our brains!


Put simply, it’s all about you! Our coaches will take the time to learn your name, greet you when you arrive and personalise your experience. We will make sure that we over-deliver to give you a consistently excellent Personal Training experience.


We take pride in running a gym which can be deemed spotless at any point of the day. Our equipment is cleaned every hour and the facility is deep cleaned every day. You can be confident that when you train at SPPT you are in a clean, safe and hygienic environment.


From the moment you begin, you will feel the community spirit we have at SPPT. Smiles, enjoyment, fun and of course hard work make for an incredible atmosphere!

Our Small Group PT sessions give you the personalised coaching you need along with the enjoyment of a group dynamic to keep you going.



Following your 30 Day Challenge you are welcome to sit down with a member of the team to discuss membership options if you wish to join up.

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Many others talk about what they’ve lost: weight, fat, lethargy, etc. and I’m full of admiration for so many of the great personal achievements you see at SPPT.

However, I’d rather describe what I’ve gained from my membership and in particular it’s the best group of mates you could ever wish to work out with. I’m one of the oldest members but have made so many friends with people 1-4 decades younger than me, it really is the most inclusive place.​

I drive 40 minutes each way, 3-4 times when I’m not working away, that’s over 5 hours a week in the car just to go to the gym – it’s that good.”


I’ve been training with SPPT for almost 3 months now and I’m just gutted I didn’t sign up earlier. Whatever your goal is, SPPT work hard to accommodate your needs. After just a couple of weeks of training, my confidence was back and I was attending social events that I had previously avoided. This Christmas the benefits of training with SPPT really shone through. Receiving clothes in a smaller size and no awkward moments as they actually fit.


I joined SPPT in January after many repeated attempts in public gyms where I lost motivation quickly and felt uncomfortable around people who were clearly regulars, but SPPT is a completely different experience.

From day 1, I was made to feel welcome and got a sense of a team and not only were the amazing PT’s pushing me, people I’d never met were also there motivating me.

Before SPPT I was a complete couch potato but with lockdown I have realised I am missing the gym and everyone there and following the home workouts the guys have filmed for us to follow with our survival kits, as well as joining in with the live sessions from my living room.

Not only have they looked after us in terms of workouts, they are looking after our mental health with seminars from professionals and keeping the community alive by streaming live quizzes and even live singers for us.

I cannot recommend SPPT enough, they are incredible. Thank you Sean, Ciaran, George and Chris for all of your hard work and helping us achieve our goals, can’t wait to be back training with you all soon!


I’ve been with SPPT for the last 3 months and I can’t understand why I didn’t start sooner. I’ve lost 9 KG, built muscle and gained so much confidence. The trainers are incredible and some of the friendliest people I’ve ever met, they couldn’t do any more for you. Before I started, I’ll admit I was nervous but that changed within minutes. I’ve never looked forward to going to the gym, let alone going twice in one day but SPPT has changed that.


Next week marks 2 years since I joined SPPT. I have loved every single minute! Sean and the team have totally changed the way that I look at training and I am totally hooked. They have taught me so much about lifting technique, mobility, nutrition, muscle groups and so much more.

I always say this and it is true that what Sean has created with SPPT is special. It’s so much more than a gym it’s a community of people that have the same desire to train and motivate each other, with such a strong bond that its like we’re all family! That community spirit coupled with the knowledge and commitment of the trainers is a powerful combination which means anyone can achieve their goals whatever they are.

When I first started at SPPT my cardio ability was OK but my strength and mobility were my goals for improvement. SPPT have helped me improve so much and I have been able to build muscle mass which I have never managed before ever.

For me personally SPPT have helped so much with my mental wellbeing as well as the physical. I had never trained first thing in the morning before joining SPPT, and now I have realised how much it has helped me mentally. To have the routine, that post gym adrenaline and that mindset helps me so much with work, personal life and the stresses that sometimes they can bring.

Just to finish off, this challenging environment that coronavirus has created for us all recently has also taught me a few things about SPPT. One the team are so committed to their customers and providing the best service even in lock down, the online training has been incredible! Two, having that routine, purpose and motivation in life is so important. Finally I’ve learnt just how strong the SPPT community is, I miss them all and I can’t wait to get back training with everyone again soon

Thank you SPPT


Couldn’t recommend SPPT more! The gym and trainers are all great and Sean is always looking at ways to improve and offer more value to our memberships. The session plans change monthly so you’re always learning more and you don’t get a chance to get bored of routines. Since joining over 6 months ago i’m so much fitter, definitely the strongest I’ve ever been and still absolutely loving it. The trainers take a real interest in making sure you get the most out of your membership by helping with nutrition, meal plans, goal setting and anything else you might need guidance on. It really is the best gym to train in and I can’t wait to see what I can achieve in the long run.


If you could choose the nicest group of people on the planet. Make them work together or own a business. And have them motivate and educate the most supportive and willing group of clients. You have SPPT! After training here for nearly two months now, I cannot put into words the complete dedication, care and compassion these guys put into every single group class, PT session or one on one consultation. This “gym” really isn’t like any other. There is no fear of being judged, everyone including the other members are on hand to help and make you become the best version of yourself. SPPT has made me fall in love with training all over again after a loss of motivation going to the big chain gyms. I could not recommend more!


Ive been going to SPPT for three months and I’m so happy with my results so far.

I would go to my previous gym at peak time, not be able to do anything I had planned and lose all motivation. At SPPT you really get the get the most from your time there and they always keep the workouts interesting. The team are so supportive and have really pushed me to do so much more than I thought I could.

Couldnt reccomend it more!


Joining SPPT has had a really positive impact on me. It keeps me on track towards achieving my goals. All the trainers are highly qualified and constantly guide us in the right direction for our personal goals.

I’ve never been so consistent in going to gyms in over 15 years of training. It’s now part of my regular routine each week and I train every other day.

Thanks Sean,George, Ciaran and Chris!


SPPT provide no ordinary personal training program, they’re an exception to the fitness world. As soon as you walk through the doors you soon realise it’s like no other.

When you meet Sean and the team you see why as the depth of knowledge, attention to detail and family oriented approach makes you feel as if you’re apart of a community not just a number in a regular gym.

There are a magnitude of additional extras you get as part of your membership that includes interactive technology in terms of MyZone belts where you can track your progress, gain points and join the MyZone online community with the rest of the SPPT members. You can book regular 1-2-1 check ins, online sessions, bootcamps, you have access to nutritional guides and cook books and the list goes on!.. the support you get is truly inspiring.

Personally speaking, I joined the Better Body Project with the idea of staying for 6 months to get into better shape for my wedding but yet 2 and half years later I’m still here as a fully-fledged member of the 7am crew but more importantly I feel apart of the whole SPPT family.

What the coaches have taught me most apart from getting me into better physical shape is that attitude and mentality play a far bigger part than just how much you can push on a bench. Everyone’s fitness journey is unique and they push and guide you through every step of the way.

I urge anyone who is reading this and unsure whether to give SPPT a go, just do the trial, I promise you, you won’t regret it.