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Semi private personal training

Train with like minded people, looking to get leaner, fitter and stronger

30 DAY TRIAL: £149

During your 30 day trial you will get full access to our Platinum membership:

  • 12 Small Group Personal Training sessions
  • Nutrition setup and support
  • Unlimited Team Training sessions
  • Access to our members Facebook group
  • SPPT tracker book and t-shirt



Who is the project designed for?

If you want to learn to lift weights properly in a structured, challenging and fun environment then this is the programme for you.

Once I've completed the 30-day trial- how much would the membership cost?

We have two membership tiers.

8 sessions per month
Unlimited Team Training sessions
Allocated coach
Myzone MZ3 Belt
Full body composition testing
Nutrition programming and ongoing support
SPPT hoody
£199 per month.

12 sessions per month
Unlimited Team Training sessions
Allocated coach
Myzone MZ3 belt
Myzone watch
SPPT recipe book
Full body composition testing
Nutrition programming and ongoing support
SPPT hoody
£249 per month.

Are the training times flexible?

Yes, very. We have 10 time slot available each day starting from 6am, right through to 9pm.

Mon-Fri: 6am- 1pm & 5pm-9pm

Saturdays: 7am- 12pm

Sundays; Closed

How long are the sessions?

Each session lasts 50 minutes. Perfect for the busy person wanting to get into shape.

Do you have a showers & changing rooms?

Yes we have recently refurbished modern shower and changing facilities.

Where are you based?

You can find us in the Manor Royal Industrial Estate on Royce Road. We are just a couple of minutes from both Gatwick Airport and Crawley town centre.

Do you have parking on site?

Yes, we have ample free parking directly outside the gym.

What is it like at SPPT?

You will quickly realise that SPPT isn’t your usual gym! We run a fully private facility so there are no members of the public using the gym. Not only does this mean that the facilities stay nice and we can use all the equipment we need at all times, it also means that it’s a great environment for those who want to learn and train in peace away from the usual hassle of a commercial or budget gym.

How can you effectively train more than one person at the same time?

With years of experience as 1-2-1 coaches we have seen both sides of the coin. The way the SPPT facility has been designed is to have several “mini-gyms” within the main gym itself.

This maximises the useable space and means that however busy the gym is your equipment will be available and you will be able to get your session done.

We formally assess every client before they go into the group format and provide a complimentary 1-2-1 session to ensure that we can identify strengths, weaknesses and limitations and then plan accordingly so that any exercises that need to be modified are.

We have managed to create training programmes that are adaptable yet highly effective to ensure that you receive the perfect blend of learning, enjoyment and results.

With nearly 100 active members you can be safe in the knowledge that we have a wide range of sizes, shapes and ability levels. Our high level of care, attention and training means we are able to expertly navigate all abilities to ensure everyone has a fantastic experience and training programme that matches their goals.

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Dudley Freeman

Francesca Cifaldi

Janna Brodie



A 30-minute class focussing on those abs! Crunches, planks and tricky moves like hollow holds to challenge your core.
You will definitely ache the day after this one!

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F.I.T. – F**KED IN 30

Our signature H.I.I.T class. 30 minutes of fast and furious training designed to burn as many calories as possible in the shortest amount of time.

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45 minutes of team challenges in a motivating, friendly and hard working environment. Think tyre flips, battling ropes, farmers walks and bodyweight exercises for points!

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A very unique class using the TRX suspension training system. A full body blast using your bodyweight and TRX as your resistance. You are sure to learn loads of cool exercises that you never knew existed in this very popular class.

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What started as a bit of fun is now arguably our most popular class! 30 minutes of classic arms routines and crowd pleasers.

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